Live stream shoot & edit like A Pro

Fast, Simple & Powerful Multi-Cam Made Easy

  • Only mobile-native professional solution for multi-camera HD live streaming and recording
  • Lowest cost of entry for multi-camera HD live streaming and recording
  • Offers easiest setup and operation of any multi-camera solution
  • Enables super fast video production workflows by integrating tablet computers, smartphones and cameras over a wireless network
  • Allows multi-camera control of smartphone cameras and popular WiFi cameras from GoPro, Panasonic & Sony
  • Live Switching
    Just like a professional Technical Director, you control the action performing live mixing of multiple video and audio sources.
  • 4 Phones Recording in Perfect Sync
    Now multi-camera shoots are no longer limited to professionals using expensive gear. We sync the videos from all phones so editing is a snap.
  • Newsroom Graphics
    During your live stream you can access an advanced graphics and titling engine with powerful features such as 32 bit graphics, picture-in-picture capabilities.
  • Edit in App or in Your Favorite Editor
    Powerful and super easy multi-angle editing is available immediately after your shoot. Optionally, you can transfer your pre-synchronized multi-angle footage into your favorite editor.


  • Full live-preview and remote control of 4 cameras and 4 audio sources
  • Live video switching and newsroom style graphics engine
  • Simultaneous HD recording and HD live streaming to Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Periscope or any RTMP destination
  • In-app multi-camera editing
  • “Made with Cinamaker” watermark on videos
$5995 /mos
  • Same features as FREE +
  • “Made with Cinamaker” watermark removed
  • Option to import synchronized HD media into Final-Cut, Premiere and Avid
  • Inject media from your Windows or Mac PC including content from Facetime, Skype, Keynote and Powerpoint
  • Use smartphone cameras in combination with various WiFi cameras from GoPro, Panasonic & Sony