A Wired Ethernet Configuration for Cinamaker

This handy how-to is for those of you looking to create a wired setup for Cinamaker.

We recommend a wired setup for either a permanent studio configuration or for when using Cinamaker in environments where WiFi  may be overwhelmed by significant radio frequency (RF) interference. This usually occurs when many people (20+) are within proximity of the Cinamaker Studio or in a location with much technology being used.

When WiFi is not an option, Cinamaker works flawlessly with ethernet. We’ve even adopted an optional Power-Over-Ethernet (POE) configuration to minimize the cables and power requirements.

A wired Cinamaker studio configuration includes the following components:







Once you have all necessary components, identify a safe location for your setup with appropriate power accessibility. (If no power is available, go to bottom for non-powered solutions**) If working in a powered setting, connect power to your router first then power your POE switch next.

After establishing your location, confirm your router is connected to the Internet through the WAN port . Then connect your router to the POE Switch with one of your ethernet patch cables.

Next, wire devices to POE Switch with the following steps:

    1. Connect POE splitter with Lightning Connector to the POE Switch by inserting ethernet cable to each one’s ethernet ports.
    2. Connect POE splitter with Lightning Connector to your camera device’s lightning port.
    3. Connect the ethernet cable coming from POE splitter(s) to the ethernet port on your Gb Ethernet to USB adapter(s).
    4. Connect you Gb Ethernet to USB Adaptor and the POE splitter(s) lighting power connector(s) into your Apple Lightning to USB3 Camera Adaptor’s port(s).
    5. Connect the Apple Lightning USB3 Camera Adaptor lighting into iPhone or iPad.




Get Started:

Once you have your physical connections in place and each device is assigned an IP address from the router you will be able to begin using your wired configuration. Simply launch the Cinamaker Director Pad and the Cinamaker Capture app for a much faster and more stable connection between devices.


When using a wired configuration, you must get your Internet from your router that has a wired Ethernet connection to the WAN port.  Note: If you do not have a wired connection available you can purchase a wireless bridge device to convert a WiFi internet connection to a wired Ethernet connection that will plug into your Ethernet router’s WAN port.

Today we do not support the mixing of wired and wifi connections.

Network Diagnostics:
After you’ve secured all wired connections between devices, make sure each individual device is connected to your router by checking that they are all on the same IP subnetwork.
Do this by going to “Settings” and checking the “Ethernet” tab under “WIFI;” here, you should see the IP address and confirm it matches your router’s.  If the “Ethernet” tab isn’t showing up, double check your physical connections.


**Where Power is Not Available, you can use a USB Powered Hub and use Multiple battery packs, one for hub and one for each device to power the Lightning to USB 3 adapter

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