Lighting for Action Shots

It’s true, lighting can make or break a shot. Simple lighting differences are able to elicit incredibly diverse audience emotions. For example, the soft light for a couple sitting together holding hands at sunset has a far different look than the dark lighting of someone standing at a cemetery in the rain. Lighting for action shots requires the same nuanced attention to detail.

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Best Budget Studio Lights

Getting the best bang for your buck when it comes to studio lights isn’t easy. Cheaper lights typically mean unwanted variation in color temperature and output with each flash and will inevitably lead to extra work. Therefore, selection of the best budget studio lights requires consideration of critical factors, namely output, which is measured in Ws (watts per second) or Joules. Home studios and small commercial studios often need about 200Ws with larger studios requiring about 400Ws. Also note that lighting sources influence the quality of light, with incandescent light sources being the most consistent. So which ones are the best?

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