Behind the Scenes with MonteQarlo

For most of us, Saturdays are sacred days of sleeping in — but this Saturday, the Cinamaker team was up early to put our music video skills to the test. And I only hit my snooze button once…okay maybe twice.

Our app is launching any day now, and we’re itching to start showing you the endless possibilities of what can be made with Cinamaker. While this may be technically impossible, we’ve planned a series of short films and videos to get the ball rolling and begin inspiring a new wave of creators, or “Cinamakers,” if you will.

Where better to begin than with the universal language of music? Thanks to local artist MonteQarlo, we were given the perfect opportunity to break in our brand-new in-house studio and bring his song “Melt” to life.

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We Would Like to Thank the Academy…

This Monday, the Cinamaker team is looking back on some of its achievements before diving into yet another hectic, week-long to-do list.

As we’re sure you’ve all noticed, the summer went by fast. Like, really fast. So fast in fact, that we almost forgot to make some really important announcements. So without further ado, we would like to thank the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts  (AIVA) for awarding us three separate honors at this year’s 23rd annual Communicator Awards!

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Cinamaker with the Stars at Playlist Live D.C. 2017

Cinamaker can confirm: Playlist Live 2017 was “the best one yet.”

Maybe we’re biased, but this year’s Washington, D.C. event seemed too good to be true. Three days of nonstop appearances by the web’s most popular and prolific creators was exhausting, but totally worth it. Starstruck, albeit swamped, Cinamaker was lucky enough to sponsor this inspiring event and even luckier to meet some of the sweetest, silliest internet celebs and show them our stuff!

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Live Video Vs. Professionally Edited: Which Is Better For Your Branding Goals?

Using videos will build and strengthen your branding goals. Unfortunately, poorly made videos will do more harm than good. Why? Poorly executed videos raise consumer questions about your commitment, professionalism, and quality. So, branding with videos has become a significant marketing tool, but you’d better do it right. Which is better for your branding goals: Live video shot at will on the spot or a professionally edited product that offers high-level benefits and inverse effects? In many ways, it really depends on your brand and the type of video you aim to produce.
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4 Best Lighting Strategies For Multi-Camera Production

Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz didn’t invent multi-camera TV production. But, when they formed Desilu to create the classic TV show I Love Lucy, they saw its incredible potential. Needless to say, there was no looking back!

The Los Angeles Times quoted Bart Andrews, author of The I Love Lucy Book, as saying that Desilu staffed its studio production with quality innovators: Associate producer Al Simon and cinematographer Karl Freund. Continue reading “4 Best Lighting Strategies For Multi-Camera Production”