How It Works

Cinamaker steps up your production game by enabling fast, simple and powerful multi-angle recording, editing and live streaming from your iOS or Android smartphones and tablets. Cinamaker makes multi-camera video shoots fast, easy and affordable, rapidly lowering your production time and cost. No matter what you are shooting, using more than one camera will increase your production value.

  • Fast
  • Easy
  • Affordable

Be a Director

Be the director of any shoot using Director Pad, a tablet based app which offers live previewing and full remote control of multiple smartphone cameras, smart cameras and audio devices in real time. Director Pad allows for synchronized HD recording, live streaming, video switching with pre-loaded and on-the-fly graphics and you can start and stop up to four cameras in precise sub-millisecond synchronization. Being a video director has never been more easy and more powerful.

  • Hd Recording
  • Live Streaming
  • Video Switching

Be an Assistant

For any video shoot you can have up to four video assistants and additional audio assistants. As an assistant, you can adjust your image with professional camera controls including manual and automatic focus, exposure and white balance, various zoom speeds and additional options to personalize the layout of your camera controls.

  • Controls
  • Autofocus
  • Personalize

Live Stream

Live streaming to Facebook, YouTube, and Periscope is made easy with Cinamaker and is a powerful tool for sharing with friends and family or larger audiences in social media communications. While live streaming from the Director Pad, you can switch between capture assistant views, overlay graphics and text, and even provide picture-in-picture for simultaneous multi-angle views. Once you are ready stop live streaming, you can either transfer the HD video footage to the Director Pad via Wi-Fi or save to your device.

  • Social Media
  • Share
  • Multi-Angle

Edit Your Video

Once a video shoot is completed and you stop recording and/or live streaming, you can either transfer the HD video footage to the Director Pad via Wi-Fi or make a real-time edit on your device. You can also choose to transfer the pre-synchronized videos via USB cable into any professional editing solution.
  • Real Time
  • Synchronized
  • Professional