The Cinamaker Studio Suite is the only multi-camera production studio available for smartphones, smart cameras, and tablet computers. Cinamaker Studio Suite enables end-to-end multi-camera HD capture, auto a/v synchronization, remote live feed ingestion, in-line and post production editing, post-production setup, live-switching, real-time graphics and broadcasting with all of the capabilities professionals have come to expect only in solutions costing 10-20 times as much.

Director Pad

The Cinamaker Director Pad is the centerpiece to the Cinamaker solution. Director Pad allows the director of a video shoot to have multiple features all managed from a tablet computer. Features include live preview and remote control of up to four (4) cameras and eight (8) audio devices with synchronized start and stop control of HD recordings and/or simultaneous live streaming to Facebook, YouTube, as well as other social media platforms.

Capture Assistant

Cinamaker Capture Assistant can manage up to four (4) smartphones or smart cameras to automate and synchronize HD video and audio across all devices in a single session. Capture Assistant allows you to control, capture, and live stream, in sync from multiple internal smart phone cameras or external smart cameras while the Director Pad tablet controls live streaming of HD footage or you can save HD footage on your local device to edit or transfer at a later time. Audio Capture empowers you to add up to eight (8) additional audio sources to your Cinamaker Capture Assistant session and also includes synchronized audio from mixers and microphones.


Cinamaker Flow allows you to import simple content captured within Cinamaker onto mobile devices and/or import content captured on media cards using Cinamaker or that have been embedded with Cinamaker Sync markers. Cinamaker Flow can integrate with multiple popular non-liner editing tools such as Adobe Premier, Avid, Final Cut Pro and more so our users never need to leave their favorite desktop editors.


Cinamaker I/O allows you to easily incorporate content from a PC computer screen into a Cinamaker live streaming and/or recorded session. You can also input and display content from your computer into a Cinamaker session from multiple sources.